Ely High School 1905-1972 - Annual Luncheon 2013
18 May, Ely Sugar Beet Club , Lynn Road

Who booked

The 2014 Luncheon will be on Saturday, 17th May, again at the Sugar Beet Club. Booking will be essential.
Please make a note of the date now.

Celia Pettitt - Erica Coulson

Margaret Avey - Julie Knott - Dorinda Jeffrey - Pauline Wilson

Janet Horspool - Lorna Freeman - Jennifer Hammond -Wendy Read - Margaret Badcock - Linda Nunn- Bridget Rayner
Christine Winter - Beryl Lowe - Margaret Neal - Grace Lane

As preceding photo but with Edna Carman added on extreme right and without Wendy Read

Mary Lee - Peggy Beeton
The senior Old Girls present

Joan Bullingham - Norah McCullagh - Sheila Cox - Julie Knott

Mary Strawson - Ann Clift - Brenda Murfitt - Margaret Fletcher - Diane Cole - Diane Barker

Joan Bullingham - Ann Harding - Jeannette Blake - Audrey Woolstenholmes - Norah McCullagh - Sheila Cox
Julie Knott - Margaret Avey - Dorinda Jeffery - Pauline Wilson

Anne Thompson - Joyce Salmon - Eileen Wilson - Rose Presnell - Mary Oakey - Carol Clarke - Paula Leonard
Marjory Barber - Sheila Gorham - Alma Thorby - Marie Ellington

Jill Chapman - Wendy Sealy - Doris Strawson - Pat Flack - Elsie McCullagh - Rosemary Harris - Elizabeth Hudson
Wendy Read - Judy Read - Mary McCullagh - Rhodene Clanfield - Margaret Reynolds - Muriel Nicholas

As preceding photo but with Edna Carman in Wendy Read's place

Margaret Hitch - Marlene Crowe - Margaret Smith - Ann Burrows - Hazel Brown - Marilyn Williams
Frances Crane - Christine Saberton - Janet Mann

Rosemary Savidge - Marian Register - Ruth Barker - Margaret Cater - Megan Cater - Mary Ladson - Sandra Juby - ?
Kathy Norman - Audrey Wimpenny - Pat Macer - Barbara Day - Mary Boutle - Ruth Bester

Judy Topping - Christine Bell - Jennifer Brunt - Margaret Bliss - Joan Reeder - Barbara Cole - Barbara Register

Who Booked for 2013?

Avey, Margaret
Badcock, Margaret
Barber, Marjory
Barker, Diane
Barker, Ruth
Beeton, Peggy
Bell, Christine
Bester, Ruth
Blake, Jeannette
Bliss, Margaret (Needlework)
Boutle, Mary
Brown, Hazel
Brunt, Jennifer
Bullingham, Joan
Burrows, Ann
Carlton, Pamela
Carman, Edna
Carter, Olive
Cater, Margaret
Cater, Megan
Chapman, Jill
Clanfield, Rhodene
Clarke, Carol
Clift, Ann
Cole, Barbara
Cole, Diane
Coulson, Erica
Cox, Sheila
Crane, Frances
Crowe, Jean
Crowe, Marlene
Czarnobal, Stephanie
Day, Barbara
Day, Betty
Drake, Marina
Ellington, Marie
Flack, Pat
Fletcher, Margaret
Freeman, Lorna
Gorham, Sheila
Hammond, Jennifer
Harding, Ann
Harris, Rosemary
Hitch, Margaret
Horspool, Janet
Hudson, Liz
Jeffrey, Dorinda
Juby, Sandra
Knott, Julie
Ladson, Mary
Lane, Grace
Lane, Janet
Leaney, Brenda
Lee, Mary
Leonard, Pat
Leonard, Paula
Lowe, Beryl
Macer, Pat
Mann, Janet
McCullagh, Elsie
McCullagh, Mary
McCullagh, Norah
Murfitt, Brenda
Neal, Margaret
Nicholas, Muriel
Norman, Kathy
Nunn, Linda
Oakey, Mary
Pettitt, Celia
Presnell, Rose
Rayner, Bridget
Read, Judy
Read, Wendy
Reed, Mary
Reeder, Joan
Register, Barbara
Register, Marian
Reynolds, Margaret
Saberton, Christine
Salmon, Joyce
Savidge, Rosemary
Sealy, Wendy
Simpson, Sandra
Smith, Margaret
Strawson, Doris
Strawson, Mary
Thompson, Anne
Thorby, Alma
Topping, Judy
Williams, Marilyn
Wilson, Eileen
Wilson, Pauline
Wimpenny, Audrey
Winter, Christine
Woolstenholmes, Audrey

Unless otherwise stated photographs by Edna Carman (now Collinson)
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