Ely High School 1905-1972


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from the July 1952 EHS magazine, Editorial

The function of this Magazine, as defined in its first issue in 1916, by the first Headmistress, Miss Fletcher, to whose work the School owes so much, and whom many Old Girls hold in loving memory, is "to hold up a mirror to the life of our very dear School." Since that first issue the Magazine has continued, without interrnission, in varying circumstances, to perform this function. For many years it has been, in the hands of its successive editors, a mirror held so as to catch and throw back as full, as true, and as vivid a reflection as possible of the School's life.


1916-25 needed

21st Anniversary 1926
source: the Sennitt family

1926-1931 needed

Easter 1932: source Searle

1933 needed

1934-35 needed

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Easter 1936: source Blakeman

1937 needed

May 1938: source Blakeman

July 1939: source Blakeman

1940 needed

December 1941: source Blakeman

Sylvia Feast's: July 1942: source Blakeman

Sylvia Feast's: July 1943: source Blakeman

1944 needed

Sylvia Feast's: July 1945: source Blakeman

July 1946: source Blakeman

July 1947: source Blakeman

Sylvia Feast's: July 1948 source Blakeman

July 1949: source Mrs Alma
Hopkin née Nunn

July 1950: source Blakeman

July 1951: Mrs Hawes (Convine)

July 1952: source Smith

July 1953: source Smith

July 1954: source Smith

May 1955 source: Sotheran*

July 1956: source Smith

July 1957: source Smith

May 1958: source Smith

May 1959: source Smith

May 1960: source Smith

May 1961 source: Sotheran*

May 1962 source: Sotheran*

May 1963 source: Sotheran*

May 1964 source: Sotheran*

1965: source Smith

1965-66: source Smith

1967: source Smith

19(67)-68: source Blakeman

1968-69: source Blakeman

1969-70: source Blakeman

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1971-72 - The Last Issue
source: Fuller

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