Ely High School 1905-1972 - The Good Woman of Setzuan - 1968

from the 1968-69 Ely High School magazine

A larger number of girls than usual were involved in the school play this year, a performance of "The Good Woman of Setzuan" by Brecht. This play was in the form of a parable told in a mixture of the modern and traditional style. For the first time we used the centre of the hall to act the play in the round and in fact the action took place on several different levels as Shen Te's shop was built up on blocks and the gods when observing events took their seats on the stage.

Marion Cross took the main part of Shen Te, a particularly complex role involving a change of character as well as of clothes when impersonating her harsh and hypothetical male cousin. The art department was responsible for much interesting decoration in chinese style and the music department for providing chinese-sounding muslc, while most of the costumes were made in school.

The whole productlon was skilfully welded together by the producer Mrs Endicott.

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