Ely High School 1905-1972
Staff Production 1955 - The Happiest Days Of Your Life



by John Dighton


(In order of Appearance)

Dick Tassell (Assistant Master at Hilary Hall) David Stockdale
Rainbow (School Porter and Groundsman) Harold Papworth
Rupert Dillings (Senior Assistant Master at Hilary Hall) John Morphy
Godfrey Pond (Headmaster of Hilary Hall) Walter Constable
Miss Evelyn Whitechurch (Principal of St Swithins) Jane Grove
Miss Gossage (Senior Assistant Mistress at St Swithins) Ruth Johnson
Hopcroft Mi (Pupil at Hilary Hall) Ella Thurmott
Barbara Cahoun (Pupil at St Swithins) Pamela Brook
Joyce Harper (Assistant Mistress at St Swithins) Diana Heath
The Rev Edward Peck   Allan Franklin
Mrs Peck   Bridget Pearson
Edgar Sowter   John Martin
Mrs Sowter   Lorna Higson

The play produced by Pamela Brook.

The action of the play passes in the Master's Common Room at Hilary Hall School for Boys, in Hampshire.

ACT I The first day of the Summer Term, afternoon.
ACT II Saturday afternoon, three weeks later.
ACT III Two hours later.

from the Ely High School magazine July 1956

Dramatics: Among Dramatic activities we must mention first the Staff Play "The Happiest Days of Your Life". For this we are especially grateful to the friends who helped us by taking the masculine parts, and to Miss Brook for her capable production. The whole thing was a "riot", Miss Grove in particular, setting an unforgettable standard in her hilarity-provoking presentation of the Headmistress. The audiences at both productions were, in their different ways, equally appreciative. ....


from the Soham Grammarian Summer 1955: Old Boys' News


This farce in three acts by John Dighton and produced by Miss Pamela Brook, was presented to a responsive audience in the [SGS] School Assembly Hall on the evening of 7th July.

Two Old Boys, Mr Harold Papworth and Mr Walter Constable, were among the cast. The Club have to thank Mr Papworth, its Vice-Chairman, for arranging this fine show. It is expected to be able to announce a small profit as a result of this venture. The Committee hope that this will be the forerunner of other dramatic activities.

Programme: Helen Smith
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