Ely High School 1905-1972: The Imperial Nightingale, December 1958

on left of Throne, L-R: Jean Hills - Hazel Smith - Geraldine Walker - Ann Rees? - (Throne)
at Throne: Gillian Youngman, Judith Chapman
to right of Throne (back), L-R: Diana Clarke - Ruth Bester - 3: (front), L-R: Elizabeth Heffer - Janet Baker - Christine Day - Jennifer Holmes
Original photo by Brian Lane: source Helen Smith

from the May 1959 EHS magazine:
Original photo by Brian Lane: source Helen Smith


Nicholas Stuart Grey
Adopted [sic] from the Story by Hans Christian Anderson [sic]


Bemboo, a young fisherman   Judith Chapman
Flower, the gardener's daughter   Gillian Youngman
Four Winds, the Court Poet   Janet Baker
First Suspicious Character, a suspicious character   Christine Day
Second Suspicious Character, another suspicious character   Jennifer Holmes
Red Dragon, the Imperial War Lord   Geraldine Walker
Black Circle, an Astrologer-Magician   Ann Rees
The Green
Dragon Guards
Ruth Bester
Diana Clarke
Lady Purity
Lady Honour
Members of the
Imperial Court
Hazel Smith
Jean Hills
The Emperor Of China   Elizabeth Heffer
The White Princess   Jennifer Pratt
Courtiers   Anna Lack, Elizabeth Parsons,
Anita Richards


Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three
A Chinese Lake by Moonlight
In the Imperial Palace, the following day
By the Lake, the the evening


Scene One
Scene Two
Scene Three
A Terrace in the Imperial Garden
In the Imperial Palace, the same evening
The Emperor's Bedroom, towards midnight

Produced by Miss P Brook


Lighting and Stage Management:
Nightingale and Sound Effects:
Miss N Bridge, Miss S Cork, Miss M Reynolds
Miss H Stanyer, Miss J Surgey
Helen Smith
Valerie Teale
Jean Porter
Miss P Brook, Miss M Reynolds,
Christine Tricker

The Producer and members of the cast wish to thank the many people who have helped with this production, particularly Wendy Young and other members of the L.VIth Form, and all those who have kindly lent costumes.


from the Ely High School magazine, May 1959


... At Christmas a Chinese play, "The Imperial Nightingale", an adaptation of a fairy story by Hans Andersen, was produced under Miss Brook's direction, and earned praise not only for the high standard of acting shown, but for the most attractive and colourful dresses and grouping.

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