Ely High School 1905-1972 - June 1956 - Tobias and the Angel, by James Bridie

Standing: Gloria Skinner - Jennifer Ingram - Ann Burrows - Marilyn Williams - Sylvia Wymer - Frances Crane - Colleen Ward - ? - Valerie Teale
Kneeling: Elizabeth Hudson - Wendy Sealy - Barbara Neve - Glenys Fuller - Patricia Griffin - Jose Barber
image source: Ann Burrows, original by John Slater

from the July 1957 Ely High School magazine


... Also in the Summer Term much pleasurable dramatic activity was enjoyed by the Dramatic Clubs, and the School Play, "Tobias and the Angel," produced at the end of term, was a type of play we have rarely, if ever, attempted previously. In Miss Brook's capable hands the production was of a high order, both serious and comic aspects being given with convincing sincerity against the effective background designed by Miss Surgey and Margaret Haylock.


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