Ely High School 1905-1972 - July 1952 - Twelfth Night

from the July 1952 Ely High School magazine

standing: 1- Paula Leonard - Susan Burroughs - Jeanette Blake - Marjorie Barber - Ann Browning - Cynthia Levett - Vivien Convine - 8 - Gillian Muncey - Cynthia Yardy - Sally Lyon
sitting: Barbara Latham - Marjorie Taylor - Jose Howard - Rosemary Larkin?
source: Marjorie Miller (Barber): original photo by Starr & Rignall

Dramatic Club

The Senior Dramatic Club works very hard every Friday afternoon rehearsing the school play which, this year, is to be "Twelfth Night." Frequent difficulties are experienced in finding somewhere to work when rain prevents outdoor rehearsing, as the Country Dancing Club does not readily relinquish its hold over the Hall, firmly upholding the policy that 'possession is nine points of the law.' In this case rehearsals are carried on in a form-room, where Viola soliloquizes amongst desks and books, and where the stage is rather a peculiar shape. Just when a dramatic entrance is awaited it is often discovered that the Property Club has carried off our leading lady for costume fitting, or that the Fool has lost his script somewhere amongst the desks, but nevertheless we hope that, with hard work and the help of providence, we shall have the play in a presentable state by the end of the term. If we do then we shall have triumphed in more ways than one!

No report of this production appeared in the July 1953 EHS magazine. It was due to be performed on July 17 at a Senior Parents' Party, and on July 19 at the Old Girls' Reunion, but there do not appear to have been any performances to the general public.

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