Ely High School 1905-1972

from the May 1962 Ely High School Magazine

Hansel and Gretel - Humperdinck - 1961 production

The music of the opera, "Hansel and Gretel" which was composed by Humperdinck for the amusement of his children, is sometimes sad and serious, but at other times it is gay with definite Viennese passages as in the children's dance. Together this and the beautiful, moving music of the angel ballet, help to provide a charming opera.

The story itself is well known, but throughout, delightfully realistic touches have been added. On account of the sadness of the music, one feels the children's hunger, the anxiety of the parents for their children, and later the fear of the children when lost in a dark gloomy forest.

The demanding parts of Hansel and Gretel were both admirably portrayed and sung by Jane Buck and Patricia Muir. The two children finally overcame the spells of the wicked witch, sinisterly portrayed by Pauline Morris, and as soon as she had been cast into a most realistic furnace, all the children whom she had turned into gingerbread, slowly came to life in a most moving and effective scene.

Many thanks are due to Miss Dewar and Miss Brook who were responsible for this production. They are also due to Miss Bridge who designed and painted the pleasant scenery, to Miss Reynolds, who was in charge of the making of costumes and carpentry, not forgetting those members of the school who helped in any way to make the opera a success.


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