Ely High School 1905-1972
1955 Production - LET'S MAKE AN OPERA



Music by Benjamin Britten
Libretto by Eric Crozier.


Of the Play Of the Opera  
Gladys Miss Baggott, the housekeeper Pamela Whitehead
Norman Chaffinch Clem, Black Bob s assistant
and Alfred, the Gardener
Walter Constable
Max Westleton Black Bob, the sweepmaster
and Tom, the coachman
Nigel Goodin
Pamela Wilton Rowan, the nurserymaid Patricia Warwick
Anne Dougall Juliet Brook Anne Browning
Bruce Gay Brook Cynthia Yardy
Monica Sophie Brook Jill Ison
Peter John Crome Josephine Almond
Mavis Tina Crome Catherine Baker
Ralph Hugh Crome Marion Malcolm
John The Sweep Boy Diana Ward
Produced by Pamela Brook Conductor and Musical Director, Alison Darrell
Pianists: J Yeomans and A Darrell
Understudies: Gwen Robinson, Iris Leach, Mary Frost, Jean Flude, Janet Cox, Maureen Lawrence.
Scenery: Jane Surgey and Margaret Haylock  

"Let's Make an Opera" is in two acts. The first act is in the form of a play and illustrates the preparation and rehearsal of "The Little Sweep", a children's opera which is performed in Act Two.


Scene 1: The drawing-room of Mrs Parworthy's house.
Scene 2: The same, a month later.
Scene 3: The School Hall; The Dress Rehearsal.


The Nursery at Iken Hall, Suffolk, 1810
Scene 1: Mid-morning.
Scene 2: Later.
Scene 3: Next morning.


standing: Miss Alison Darrell - Mrs Yeomans? - Miss Pamela Brook - 4 - Margaret Haylock - Walter Constable - Miss Patricia Warwick - 8 - Jill Ison - Cynthia Yardy - Gwen Robinson - Janet Cox - Josephine Almond
sitting: Diana Ward - Catherine Baker? - Nigel Goodin (hatted) - Marion Malcolm? - 5 - Anne Browning
source: Sheila Heavens (Cox): photo by Starr & Rignall
IDs: Helen Smith, Sheila Heavens (Cox)

from the May 1955 Ely High School Magazine

Let's make An Opera - Britten - 1955 production


Another ambitious and original scheme was made early in this School Year - to produce Benjamin Britten's "Let's Make an Opera."

Again much enthusiasm was shown by both soloists and members of the chorus, and a great deal of hard work was done by them and by their directors, Miss Darrell and Miss Brook. The result justified all their efforts, being most finished and enjoyable. We owe much gratitude to those adults who so very kindly helped us, both by taking part, and, by their own high standard of artistry, helping us to reach the level we did - Miss Pamela Whitehead, an old pupil, Miss Patricia Warwick, a member of the Staff, Mr. Nigel Goodin, and Mr. W. Constable, together with Mrs. Yeomans, an old pupil, who very kindly helped with the accompaniments.

Now we look forward to the Staff Play and to this term's School Play.


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