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from the July 1949 Ely High School Magazine

A Midsummer Night's Dream [July 1948 production]

At the end of the Summer Term on the Thursday and Saturday of the last week of July, 1948, the School gave performances of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to large audiences. The play was produced by Miss Crane and Miss Dix. Miss Turner, Miss Groves and Mrs. Zagorzcyka were responsible for the costumes and properties.

The four chief lovers, Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius and Helena were played by Yvonne Baldwin, June Godden, Kitty Steadman and Jill Barkaway. Angela Roaks made an impish Puck. Constance Smallpiece as Quince, Yvonne Knott as Bottom, Enid Rice as Smug, Betty Butcher as Flute, Constance Blackwell as Snout, and Kathleen Garner as Starveling, were convincing “rude mechan­icals;” while naturally, the prettiest scenes were those in which Oberon, Jennifer Collin, and Titania, Barbara Sanders, accompanied by dainty fairies from the lower School — Margaret Edwards, Judy Tucker, Janet Blackwell, Daphne Oakey and Jeanette Blake —  wrought their magic on the human lovers. Theseus, the Duke of Athens, played by Peggy Pollard, was attended by Zena Boyd and Jean Wilson, and Hippolyta was played by Sheila Bridgeman. Egeus and Philostrate were played by Sheila Brown and Jean Harvey.

At the end of the performances collections were taken, the proceeds of which were devoted to the Lord Mayor’s Fund for the United Nations’ Appeal for the Children of Europe.


source: Mrs Alma Hopkin née Nunn
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