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About this website, which depends on you

The continued growth of our website depends on all who have a connection with the school:

  • who can you tell about it or show it to?
  • what items or memories do you or someone you know have that we could add to it? Here is what is needed.

To help publicise it there is a three mini-posters page for you to print. Please offer a mini-poster for display at your club, library, church, village hall or anywhere where former EHS or their families might see it. If you are a car driver in the EHS catchment area perhaps you can safely display one in a rear window.

If those who would be interested do not have a computer, they can go on the Internet in many local libraries eg Cambridgeshire

If you edit a newsletter or website please feel free to mention us or link to us at:

http://www.elyhighschoolforgirls.org.uk/ - best to 'copy and paste' the link as it is important to get it right.

Who edits our website? Our website is currently edited b Frank Haslam, who lived in Burwell when at Soham Grammar School 1960-66 (he's now in Leatherhead, Surrey). Frank edits the Soham Grammarians' website.

Aware of the many family & social connections between the two schools, he began our Luncheon Club page for us on the SG website with input from Christine Fuller (Bell) in February 2008. Christine's late husband John was a Soham Grammarian.

The late Jackie Sotheran (Bidwell), one of those who usually brought a collection of EHS items to Luncheon Club events, lived not far from Frank. On June 25th 2010 she provided him with some school photos, magazines, speech day programmes & cuttings to start off our website as part of the SGS website.

On 10/11/10 Frank moved us to our own domain www.elyhighschoolforgirls.org.uk

Can't see a change that we have announced? - this usually happens if you are one of those who never turns their computer off. Do whatever you need to in your browser to clear the cache or 'refresh' both the menu and the page.

Identification of faces: thank you to all who have provided names for faces. Sometimes we get more than one name for a face, in which case we show both until someone else settles it for us.

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(names when at EHS)

Alder, Heather                                    
Avey, Margaret
Barber, Marjorie                      
Barker, Diane                           
Barker, Ruth                       
Barton, Wendy                           
Bell, Christine                           
Bester, Ruth                                    
Blake, Jeannette                       
Boutle, Mary                       
Brunt, Carolyn              
Brunt, Jenny                          
Buck, Sandra
Carman, Edna              
Chapman, Jill               
Clarke, Carol               
Cole, Barbara               
Cross, Patricia               
Czarnoba,j Stephanie
Day, Barbara               
Day, Betty                   
Doe, Judith
Flack, Pat                   
Freeman, Lorna
Gorham, Sheila

Hammond, Jenny                        
Harris, Rosemary               
Hudson, Liz                            
Hudson, Maureen
Jeffrey, Dorinda   

Knott, Yvonne

Ladson, Mary
Lane, Grace
Lane, Vicki
Langford, Sandra
Lowe, Beryl

Macer, Pat
McCullagh, Elsie
McCullagh, Mary
McCullagh, Norah
Muncey, Christine
Murfitt, Brenda

Neal, Margaret
Norman, Kathy

Oakey, Mary
Parr, Deanna
Pearson, Hazel
Pen-Gilly, Ann
Phillips, Joy
Presnell, Rose

Rayner, Bridget
Read, Judy
Read, Nina
Read, Wendy
Reed, Mary
Reeder, Joan
Reynolds, Margaret
Riley, Susan
Robinson, Gwen
Rudderham, Mary
Rule, Doreen

Salmon, Joyce
Savidge, Rosemary
Sawer, Lesley
Sealy, Wendy
Sharpe, Pat
Simpson, Sandra
Sowerby, Judy

Topping, Judy
Wilson, Eileen
Winter, Christine

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April  & May 2016

Christine Fuller writes: Once again a super Reunion with everyone so happy and relaxed and we enjoyed another delicious buffet thanks to Sally.
This year I asked Barbara Cole to do a presentation because she and her sister Carolyn and brother in law had spent time helping at the Victoria Square Centre in Athens as part of the Salvation Army team helping cope during the massive migrant crisis.
A collection was made raising £250 which will go directly to Athens to help during this continuing and desperate situation.
Barbara has asked me to say a big THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
The date for next year is 20 May 2017.

February & March 2016

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Those booked as of 14th May were as follows (maiden names):

  1. Audus, Jacqueline
  2. Avey, Margaret
  3. Barber, Marjorie
  4. Barker, Diane
  5. Barker, Ruth
  6. Barton, Wendy
  7. Beeton, Peggy
  8. Bell, Christine
  9. Blake, Jeanette
  10. Bliss, Margaret
  11. Boutle, Mary
  12. Brown, Hazel
  13. Brown, Patricia
  14. Brunt, Jenny
  15. Buck, Sandra
  16. Burrows, Ann
  17. Carlton, Pamela
  18. Carman, Edna
  19. Carter, Olive
  20. Chapman, Jill
  21. Clanfield, Dene
  22. Cole, Barbara
  23. Cole, Diana
  24. Coulson, Erica
  25. Cox, Sheila
  26. Crane, Frances
  27. Crowe, Jean
  28. Crowe, Marlene
  29. Czarnobaj, Stephanie
  30. Day, Barbara
  31. Ellington, Marie
  1. Fletcher, Suzanne
  2. Freeman, Lorna
  3. Gorham, Sheila
  4. Hammond, Jennifer
  5. Harding, Ann
  6. Harris, Rosemary
  7. Howard, Margaret
  8. Hudson, Liz
  9. James, Heather
  10. Jeffrey, Dorinda
  11. Knott, Julie
  12. Ladson, Mary
  13. Lane, Grace
  14. Lane, Vicki
  15. Latham, Barbara
  16. Latham, Muriel
  17. Lee, Mary
  18. Macer, Pat
  19. Mann, Janet
  20. McCullagh, Mary
  21. McCullagh, Norah
  22. Murfitt, Brenda
  23. Neal, Margaret
  24. Norman, Kathy
  25. Oakey, Mary
  26. Pearson, Hazel
  27. Pen-Gilly, Ann
  28. Pettit, Celia
  29. Phillips, Joy
  30. Presnell, Rose
  1. Read, Judy
  2. Read, Wendy
  3. Reed, Mary
  4. Reeder, Joan
  5. Register, Barbara
  6. Register, Marian
  7. Riley, Susan
  8. Robinson, Gwen
  9. Rudderham, Mary
  10. Salmon, Joyce
  11. Savidge, Rosemary
  12. Sawer, Lesley
  13. Sealy, Wendy
  14. Simpson, Sandra
  15. Sharpe, Pat
  16. Strawson, Doris
  17. Strawson, Mary
  18. Thompson, Anne
  19. Topping, Judy
  20. Williams, Marilyn
  21. Wilson, Eileen
  22. Wilson, Jean
  23. Wilson, Pauline
  24. Winter, Christine
  25. Woolstenholmes, Audrey
  26. Yarrow, Carol

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May 2014

  1. Adams, Rita
  2. Audus, Jacqueline
  3. Avey, Margaret
  4. Barber, Marjorie
  5. Barker, Diane
  6. Barker, Ruth
  7. Barton, Wendy
  8. Bell, Christine
  9. Boutle, Mary
  10. Brown, Hazel
  11. Brunt, Jennifer
  12. Burrows, Ann
  13. Carlton, Pamela
  14. Carman, Edna
  15. Carter, Olive
  16. Clanfield, Rhodene
  17. Chapman, Jill
  18. Clarke, Carol
  19. Cole, Barbara
  20. Cole, Diane
  21. Coulson, Erica
  22. Crane, Frances
  23. Crowe, Jean
  24. Crowe, Marlene
  25. Czarnobaj, Stephanie
  26. Day, Barbara
  27. Ellington, Marie
  28. Flack, Pat
  29. Fletcher, Suzanne
  30. Freeman, Lorna
  1. Gordon, Shane
  2. Gorham, Sheila
  3. Hammond, Jennifer
  4. Harding, Ann
  5. Harris, Rosemary
  6. Howard, Margaret
  7. Hudson, Elizabeth
  8. Hudson, Maureen
  9. James, Heather
  10. Jeffrey, Dorinda
  11. Juby, Sandra
  12. Knott, Yvonne
  13. Ladson, Mary
  14. Lane, Janet
  15. Lane, Victoria
  16. Langford, Sandra
  17. Latham, Barbara
  18. Lee, Mary
  19. Lowe, Beryl
  20. Macer, Patricia
  21. Mann, Janet
  22. McCullagh, Elsie
  23. McCullagh, Mary
  24. McCullagh, Norah
  25. McCusker, Sarah
  26. Murfitt, Brenda
  27. Neal, Margaret
  28. Nicholas, Muriel
  29. Norman, Kathleen
  30. Oakey, Mary
  1. Pen-Gilly, Ann
  2. Pettitt, Celia
  3. Philips, Joy
  4. Presnell, Rose
  5. Rayner, Bridget
  6. Read, Judy
  7. Read, Wendy
  8. Reed, Mary
  9. Reeder, Joan
  10. Register, Barbara
  11. Register, Marian
  12. Reynolds, Margaret
  13. Riley, Susan
  14. Saberton, Christine
  15. Salmon, Joyce
  16. Savidge, Rosemary
  17. Sawer, Lesley
  18. Sealy, Wendy
  19. Sharpe, Pat
  20. Simpson, Sandra
  21. Strawson, Doris
  22. Thompson, Ann
  23. Topping, Judy
  24. Williams, Marilyn
  25. Wilson, Jean
  26. Wilson, Pauline
  27. Winter, Christine
  28. Woolstenholmes, Audrey
  29. Yarrow, Carol
  30. Beeton, Peggy

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November/December 2013

October 2013

Sylvie Short (Sylvia Coleman at EHS) writes: On 26th October my new book, Two Churches Together - A History of Swaffham Prior is being launched at 7.30pm in Swaffham Prior Village Hall. The book is likely to have appeal to many ex-pupils who lived in Swaffham Prior and the general area.

Copies of the book are available from her at £21 inc p&p - for more information in EHS Alumni on the web, via Scrapbook

September 2013

July/August 2013

WORDS is a book of local history produced by two EHS Old Girls from the Bedford House days, Maureen Gent (now Scott) of Littleport and Lorna Freeman (now Delanoy) of Haddenham.

They have recorded memories and reminiscences of their childhoods in the Fen Country together with lists of words common to the area ... hence the full title of the publication Words, Words & more Words.

It costs £3 from Burrows bookshop in Ely.

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October - December 2012 - all very quiet!

July 2012

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May 2012

Avey, Margaret
Badcock, Margaret
Badcock, Olive
Barker, Ruth
Barton, Wendy
Bell, Christine
Belsham, Irene
Blake, Jeannette
Bliss, Margaret (Needlework)
Boutle, Mary
Brown, Hazel
Brunt, Jenny
Bullingham, Joan
Burrows, Ann
Carman, Edna
Cater, Megan
Chambers, Beryl
Chapman, Jill
Clarke, Carol
Clements, Elizabeth
Cole, Barbara
Cole, Diane
Coulson, Erica
Cox, Doreen
Crane, Frances
Crowe, Marlene
Day, Barbara
Day, Betty
Dorling, Pauline
Drake, Marina
Ellington, Marie
Fletcher, Suzanne
Freeman, Lorna
Frost, Mary
Gorham, Sheila
Hammond, Jenny
Harding, Ann
Harris, Rosemary
Howard, Margaret
Hubbard, Janet
Hudson, Liz
James, Heather
Jeffrey, Dorinda
Juby, Sandra
Ladson, Mary
Lane, Grace
Lane, Janet
Leaney, Brenda
Lee, Mary
Leonard, Pat
Lowe, Beryl
Knott, Yvonne
Macer, Jean
Macer, Pat
McCullagh, Jean
McCullagh, Mary
McCullagh, Norah
Neal, Margaret
Norman, Kathy
Nunn, Linda
Parr, Deanna
Pearson, Hazel
Pen-Gilly, Ann
Perry, Joan
Pettitt, Celia
Proctor, Margaret
Rayner, Bridget
Read, Judy
Read, Wendy
Reed, Mary
Reeder, Joan
Register, Barbara
Register, Marian
Reynolds, Margaret
Riley, Susan
Robinson, Gwen
Russell, Rosemary
Saberton, Christine
Savidge, Rosemary
Sealy, Wendy
Simpson, Sandra
Strawson, Doris
Swan, Sheila
Thorby, Alma
Topping, Judy
Whitehand, Carol
Williams, Marilyn
Wilson, Pauline
Winter, Christine
Woolstenholmes, Audrey
Yarrow, Carol
Yarrow, Maureen

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July 2010

  • wearing indoor shoes to protect the floors in the New Building?

  • making a Shoe Bag as part of the first Needlework lessons?

  • writing out School Rules as a punishment (does anyone have a copy?)

  • the various arrangements for housing the Sixth Form?

  • having to wear a beret to and from school?

  • and how to spot a Prefect?

June 2010